R2M launches survey service with UAV and BIM graphic reconstruction of buildings and infrastructures

The technology used is based on data processing (Point Clouds) obtained using digital (GoPro Hero4) and professional cameras (Zenmuse X5) installed on a Drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). This service creates a world of opportunities in terms of execution speed and accuracy of the result.

  • Do you need to estimate the surface of a building and/or the size of its architectural components?
  • Do you need to draw sections or layouts of the ground?
  • Do you need to make a survey of a building (external and internal) in a short time and have an accurate BIM model?

R2M is ready to help you working with speed and accuracy directly on the Point Cloud of your case-study.

Other possible services:

  • Detection of landslides and slopes
  • Civil and industrial overhead inspection, electric lines, chimneys, bridges and wind turbines
  • Calculation of volumes and excavations generally
  • Monitoring Progress of Construction Site
  • Total Management of Digital Land Model (DTM)

Explore the drone-created 3D model in PDF (enable 3D content)