Innovative compact hybrid storage systems for low energy buildings

R2M Solution is involved in the new 6M€ project HYBUILD supported by the European Commission under its Horizon 2020 programme – Energy-efficient Buildings Public-Private partnership. The project will develop two innovative compact hybrid electrical/thermal storage systems for stand-alone and district connected buildings.

Energy storage is a key component in providing flexibility and supporting renewable energy

Integration in the energy system and can efficiently contribute to the decarbonisation of buildings. A promising research area is to exploit compact hybrid energy storage systems for covering space heating and/or cooling, Domestic Hot Water, and electricity demand. The overall impact is to enhance energy savings, leading to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel utilization, thus contributing to the EU energy security.

The two HYBUILD systems will aim at guaranteeing comfort conditions in residential buildings located in two different climates: Mediterranean climate where cooling is critical; and Continental climate where a stronger focus is put on heating demand.

HYBUILD innovations will be validated in three demo sites in Almatret (Spain), Agrantzia Municipality (Cyprus) and Bordeaux (France). The project is led by the Spanish group COMSA Corporación and it associates 21 partners from 11 EU countries. It started in October 2017 and will run for 4 years.

R2M Solution is leading dissemination, communication and exploitation activities within the project in order to bring HYBUILD innovations to the market.

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