“Demand Response Integration tEchnologies: unlocking the demand response potential in the distribution grid” DRIvE

DRIvE is an H2020 EU funded project (#774431) that started on December 2017 and will last 36 months. The Kick-off Meeting took place at the headquarters of CEA (project’s coordinator) in Saclay, France, the days 11 and 12 December 2017. The Project Officer, Francesco Liberati from INEA, was also present.

DRIvE Consortium

The Consortium is constituted by 9 partners from 7 European countries:

  • CEA, France
  • Cardiff University, United Kingdom
  • Scholt, Netherlands
  • Airbus, France
  • COMSA, Spain
  • Enervalis, Belgium
  • Typhoon HIL, Serbia
  • R2M Solution, Spain
  • BGCBC, United Kingdom

DRIvE links together cutting edge science in Multi-Agent Systems, forecasting and cyber security with emerging innovative SMEs, making first penetration in EU demand response markets.

R2M is WP8 leader “Results Dissemination and Exploitation”. We will be very active in the project, participating in diverse activities including analysis of the EU regulatory framework for demand response, supporting the identification and integration of user needs, developing and implementing different business models for demand response in the pilot sites, contribute to platform validation and overall techno-economical assessment of DRIvE solutions.