R2M Solution is an integrated and multi-disciplinary consulting company that aggressively targets filling the gap between research activities and market implementation. We excel at helping companies grow and acting as an accelerator for bringing technologies and services to the market across the fields of Innovation Management, Engineering, Energy, and ICT/Automation. We invest in opportunities, conduct research, and offer pure engineering, energy services, and ICT consulting services. We actively seek spinoff creation opportunities, showcase promising technologies and build clusters for their uptake.


Excellence & Professionalism


“Zero to One”

Our mission is to empower the development of technologies, products and services and conduct business development across sectors and markets to carry them from “Zero to One.” Although we have a large focus on sustainability as a societal challenge that must be solved, our work and ethos apply to almost any area of Research and Innovation and have us involved in ICT, engineering, robotics and additive manufacturing and other fields at the cutting edge of science. In parallel, we aim to act as an agent for innovation and new technologies linked directly to the market in our areas of activity.


People tend to think that technology automatically gets better every year – well it doesn’t. It only gets better if smart people work like crazy to make it better.” – Elon Musk, TESLA, SolarCity, SpaceX.

People come to us with great ideas and we provide the knowledge, leadership and persistence to put that great idea through a deliberate innovation process and trajectory. Our partnering is typically not a one-time touch but instead a strategic alliance across time to systematically take the steps necessary to move forward. Working with our clients takes many forms as the needs of a young entrepreneur are completely different than the needs of an established industrial or public organization. We customize what we offer every time based on who we are working with.

With respect to funding, we excel at the formation of collaborative research under Horizon 2020 – the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. We also have deep visibility on national instruments and research programs and have branches positioned in Italy, the UK, Spain and France for specifically this purpose. Our branches also extend our market outreach and technology transfer opportunities to various markets. Clients that partners with us are immediately connected across Europe via our branches and network of over 600 organizations that we’ve already partnered with in past proposals and projects. We have shareholders positioned in the USA and a next future step will be opening in the USA to foster EU-USA collaboration opportunities.

With respect to startups, we’ve been a part of launching 5 companies in 4 countries.

One part of our value proposition is accelerating all early stage decisions and processes to make them more cost efficient, time efficient and with better results. In short, we reduce the barriers to getting started. With respect to any organization conducting research and innovation, there are in many cases tax incentives that can be leveraged and are often overlooked. With respect to organizations looking to innovate to increase their market position or competitiveness, we have a broad view of innovative technologies and research trends across various sectors. The way we grow, train and develop our staff is also different. Across the group we have 19 partners. Every staff member is a business developer and has performance based incentives. Staff that create IP or startup opportunities have the opportunity to directly participate in that growth.
The other part of “how we do it” is simply being out there and doing it. Our engineers are flying drones and developing new applications and services for their use. We’re training the next generation of engineers (university students and also engineering professionals expanding their skills) on cutting edge building energy simulation software (IESVE) so that they are more competitive on the market. We’re out there conducting LEED consulting (Leadership in Energy Efficiency Design) providing sustainability guidance across the entire building construction stakeholder value chain.
This invaluable field work is often the exact bridge that allows us to bring research to the market and the market to research


“Research is the transformation of money into knowledge. Innovation is the transformation of knowledge into money” – G. Nicolson, 3M

In truth, more research, innovation and technology transfer firms like R2M are needed and that is one of the reasons we are busy creating more R2M branches and growing the branches we have aggressively. We enable the young engineers and scientists that work with us to take control of their own careers and we empower the organizations we partner with to implement innovation-based business transformations.
We are a young firm and the energy, dedication and drive that is typically associated with young companies is certainly present at R2M. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and delivering deep value.
With respect to what we do, several of our unique selling points are:

  • We forge strategic innovation partnerships across time
  • Deep knowledge and visibility of research and innovation instruments across Europe
  • Network of over 600 organizations we’ve partnered with across our 5-year history
  • Approach that spans the entire innovation trajectory from research to market, across various types of instruments and across time
  • We are active commercially in many of the fields where we offer R&I services
  • We have exploitation networks and channels across Europe
  • 10 Years of EU project Experience

    and a network of over 600 organizations

  • Multi-Disciplinary Staff

    Working commercially in the areas where we innovate

  • We customize our offer and approach

    To your needs and ambitions


I attended R2M’s proposal training program and spent two weeks working out of R2M. Wow. We got a submission out of it and I think I took two years out of the learning process.

Achille DonidaSenior Researcher at SUPSI (Switzerland)SUPSI

R2M brought us to H2020, connected us to new networks for R&I, and even helped customize our platform for sales into Italy. Very high impact.

Neill RyanCEO, VRM TechnologiesVRM Technologies

I got the opportunity to work on real world projects and dynamic energy simulations. They then helped me win a research scholarship to Ireland. I’m very grateful to the team at R2M

Andrea BassaniInternUNIPV


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