Daniele Bortoluzzi

Innovation Division, Engineering Services

Omar Caboni

Engineering Services & Sustainability

Sara Casciati

Associate Professor, Engineering Services

Mario Cortese

International Relations, Business Development

Andrea Costa

Co-Founder Managing partner

Pietro De Cinque

LEED AP BD+C, Energy Services & Sustainability

Lorenzo Elia

Innovation Division, Engineering Services

Juan Manuel Espeche

Innovation Division, Renewable Energy and Smart Grids

Camillo Genesi

Energy Services & Sustainability

Mary Kagkoura

Medical Expert and Professional

Zia Lennard

Innovation Division

Amedeo Leva

Energy Services & Sustainability

Tatiana Loureiro

Managing, EU Law & IPR, Spanish Branch

Raymond Sterling

Director of the Spanish Branch

Thomas Messervey

Founder, CEO

Paul Mlakar

Managing Partner

Federico Noris

Innovation Division Manager, Energy Services & Sustainability

Francesco Passerini

LEED GREEN Associate, Building Performance Simulation

Anne Pehse

Innovation Division, IP Management and Business Analysis

Domenico Perfido

Energy Services & Sustainability

Riccardo Puglisi

Associate Professor of Economics, Partner

Massimiliano Raciti

ICT & Automation

Anna Maria Reforgiato Recupero


Diego Reforgiato Recupero

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Managing Partner

Marco Rocchetti

Energy Services & Sustainability

Sara Ruffini

Energy Services & Sustainability

Gianluca Signore

LEED AP O+M, Building Sustainability

Mario Sisinni

Energy Management Consultant

Sander Smit

Business Model Expert

Silvano Sogus

Managing Director, UK Branch

Michele Vece

Innovation Division, Engineering Services

Pascal Torres

CEO, French Branch

Régis Decorme

Managing partner, French Branch