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Massimiliano Raciti is a qualified professional computer engineer. He obtained a BSc and a MSc degree in computer engineering from University of Catania , Italy, in 2006 and 2009 respectively. His MSc thesis, entitled “A cloud-based Execution Environment for a Pandemic Simulator” has been carried out during an exchange period at Linkoping University, Sweden. From 2010 he took a position as a graduate student at the Real-Time Systems Laboratory at Linköping University, Sweden, obtaining the swedish Licentiate of Engineering degree in April 2013 with the thesis entitled “Anomaly Detection and its Adaptation: Studies on Cyber-Physical Systems”. His research has been focusing dependability and security applied to critical infrastructures (smart grids and water distribution systems). During his graduate studies he took part to the EU FP7 SecFutur project, focusing embedded systems security. He also served as lecturer for the undergraduate courses “distributed embedded software and networks”, “real-time systems” and “design patterns”. From 2013 he moved to industry working as a software engineer, coordinating the entire life-cycle of several software development projects and leading a team of developers. His industrial experience span several applications fields, ranging from food industry and agricolture to factory automation.
Main area of activity in R2M:
Massimiliano Raciti is part of the ICT team, with software development and system administration as main areas of expertise. Massimiliano is involved as project manager in the MARIO project.

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Massimiliano Raciti

ICT & Automation