Where we are today: FROM START-UP TO GROWTH

Now in our fifth year, R2M is seeing proof of the concepts and ambitions we set out to accomplish. We have a full research project portfolio across four funding programs that is diverse and spans multiple topic areas. R2M is now a group of companies and our services and network deeply penetrate Europe. Keywords include building sustainability, construction processes, water resource management, additive manufacturing, robotics, recycled materials, ICT development and smart grids. Our consulting is also diverse with strong pockets of activity related to sustainability, ICT and innovation. Consulting services include drone surveys and engineering analysis, LEED certification, dynamic energy simulation, IES sales, training and support, ESCO investments, SHM alliance with Studio Meier, support for public tenders, software development, database design, semantic analytics, startup consulting, and support in finding and managing funding opportunities. We’ve moved into a technology park further expanding our network, resources and providing space for laboratory activities. We also have an office at CNR in Catania focused on ICT, start-up and acceleration services and opportunity creation in Sicily.