Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) allows the real-time structural assessment of an instrumented structure through continuously measuring, elaborating and analyzing physical/mechanical parameters that have relevant worth for the evaluation of the structural behavior and its consequent interaction with the environmental actions. SHM also provides data useful to identify the primary causes of the degenerative processes.

Structural and geotechnical monitoring

On November 2016 a partnership between R2M and Studio Meier has been launched to offer structural and geotechnical monitoring services to our customers by using swissmonitor system. R2M Engineering Division in cooperation with Studio Meier provides the system design, customer customization, installation and maintenance in order to provide high value results. When needed, drone inspection, high precision Engineering Surveying (ground based, static, rapid-static, dynamic, mobile…) are available.

Swissmonitor system is a modular and customizable Structural Health Monitoring system for automated monitoring providing a full service from the “site” up to the “client” desk.

Applications: railways; bridges; buildings; tunnels; digs and wells; landslides and roads.
Monitorable parameters: acceleration and speed; displacement, deformation, cracks opening; hydrostatic and interstitial pressure; rotations and tilts; temperature and weather conditions.

Near real-time monitoring of water distribution networks

Based on the experience achieved in Waternomics project R2M Engineering Division provides monitoring system design, network numerical modelling, hydraulic balance and leaks detection meeting all customer needs.