R2M is able to ensure a complete range of assistance services to benefit from the Italian tax incentives for companies investing in innovation, technology and research.

Incentives Programs

Various countries offer incentives to offset research costs or to participate in research programs themselves (travel support, proposal writing support, project support). In Italy, we provide consulting services related to the “Credito di Imposta” and continuously screen for incentives related to the hiring of PhDs or registering as an innovative enterprise. For Irish clients, we make them aware of Enterprise Ireland support. In the UK, Innovation Vouchers. In Turkey, various support mechanisms from Tubitak. The list is not exhaustive and gets at a fundamental aspect of developing a comprehensive innovation strategy – leverage and take advantage of all possible mechanisms.
Credito di Imposta

In Italy, the Credito di Imposta makes possible a 50% recovery of the costs related to reseach in the form of a tax credit. An application packet, timesheets and certification are required. R2M typically works with its strategic clients to ensure they are leveraging this program.

  • Complete assistance and support in all phases

  • Technical consulting reporting R&D activities

  • Identification of the eligible expenses

  • Revision and certification of the company accounts

  • Certification of the R&D activities