Reporting must be done correctly and according to the EC financial guidelines, a tool like this one is what you need to speed up your project management and ensure compliance.

Project Plan and Claim Tool (PPC Tool)

As our research project portfolio expanded and to include different types of funding instruments (national, EU and other programs), it became impossible to manage our staff and projects with an excel-based approach. Over two years we constructed a cloud based system for project planning, management, and cost claiming that allows us to set targets to our staff, allows them to record and file timesheets, allows project managers to check those off and that allows a simple print directly to Form C cost claiming with protective stops for common errors and analytics that allow various birds eye views along the way.

We are now offering the PPC Tool for sale in an annual licensing approach with support bundled in. If you may need / benefit from that, contact us for a quote.
Timesheets are the core of the audit and you have to get those right.

Audit Pre-Check

Simple preventable errors can lead to adjustments of your financial cost claims with the European Commission. In constructing our PPC Tool, working with the Financial Helpdesk and undergoing our own EU Audit, we’ve gained a fair amount of experience we can now offer to our clients to give them increased confidence and peace of mind. One or two days with our experts can provide a insurance policy against future problems or an acceleration in terms of setting up the internal systems you need to have if participating in EU research.

This service consists of:

  • Questionnaires that guide system preparation similar to those the auditors will use
  • A one or two day visit to your organization to conduct simulated audit pre-checks
  • On-site training and guidance
  • A short report containing results of the visit and recommendations moving forward
  • Set up your projects costs and contracted Person months as per GA

  • Allocate target hours for people in different WP/projects

  • Have your staff to use the time tracking tool and report daily hours and a description of their activities on different projects/WP following their targets

  • Adjust targets on the way as needed based on actual project progress and possible contract amendments

  • Have your personnel print and sign monthly time sheets at the end of each month and have them approved by the project manager/supervisor

  • Keep track of all travels costs and make sure there are consistent with the time sheets

  • Generate Form C for interim ora actual reporting periods and also gather work description for each WP to consolidate technical periodic report

  • Keep project progress constantly under control (people and WPs progress both technically and financially)