Distributed Governance for Green Energy Communities

GENTE aims to accelerate the adoption of new Local Energy Communities across Europe through the creation of an advanced governance toolkit. GENTE will create a toolbox for communities and community managers for community energy resource optimisation and community federation, and to promote the creation of new communities through new business models and services. The need owners are prosumers, community managers, aggregators, municipalities and DSO’s. GENTE use cases are for community energy resource integration, prosumer energy contract and service management, and monitoring / control of community energy resources through the community or federation manager. The innovation in GENTE includes edge intelligence, IoT platform integration, AI resource optimisation, blockchain integration for contracting, community federation / asset aggregation models, and social sciences research. To achieve its goal, The GENTE consortium integrates emerging technology, cutting edge applied research, strong links to need owners, social science expertise and expertise on exploitation.