Project Manager:
Mohamed Elagiry
Architect – BIM & Sustainable design Specialist

BIM4REN is a project working to provide innovative & accessible BIM tools for all the building renovation value chain. BIM stands for building innovation tools. It is the most important digital development in the building sector to date involving construction, architects, and housing associations. At a time when the housing sector has a major responsibility to reduce energy consumption in existing stock, BIM helps to clarify processes of construction and consumption. Innovation in this field can be of major importance to reduce costs, develop smarter solutions, and streamline processes. BIM4REN will develop a set of tools & services, all created and based on a digital workflow defined by the collection of needs and expectations from all stakeholders. It will consider the following steps of the renovation process:

  • collection of data for the characterization of the existing building
  • management and consolidation of the data
  • data driven design for optimal selection

BIM4REN aims at developing a collaborative service platform that engages all stakeholders across the value chain in order to steer digital-driven workflows. In this sense, the BIM4REN consortium will reunite a broad construction stakeholders’ community, for liaison activities with construction-related entities that might be interested in the results and findings of the BIM4REN project.

R2M will be involved in the exploitation and dissemination tasks, leading the Exploitation and Standardization WP8. R2M will also be well involved in the WP7 on pilots as they will be the main technical partner for CMB Capri on the Venice Pilot site. Besides that, involvement in Communication, dissemination and training WP9 working closely with GBC Italia. Moreover, R2M will contribute to the creation of the operation framework for a digital driven renovation WP1 in Italy as R2M wide experience in the Italian market