Project Manager:
Andrea Costa
Co-Founder Managing partner

Built to Specifications (Built2Spec) is a Horizon 2020 EU-funded project involving 20 European partners that seeks to reduce the gap between a building’s designed and as-built energy performance. To do this, the project will put a new set of breakthrough technological advances for self-inspection checks and quality assurance measures into the hands of construction professionals. This collection of smart tools will help building stakeholders at all levels in meeting EU energy efficiency targets, new build standards and related policy goals.

Built2Spec will deliver a new set of breakthrough technological advances and innovative on-site quality assurance “user-friendly” tools will help meeting EU energy efficiency targets for both new builds and retrofits. The main expected impact is the reduction by at least 50% of the mismatch of energy performance between design stage and commissioning stage due to construction processes by providing proper guidelines, methodologies for workers and contribute to standardisation along with the above tools. Thanks to Built2Spec in future will be much easier guarantee the compliance between “as design” and “as built” achieving better and high performance buildings.

Within Built2Spec R2M is leading all those activities related to the Exploitation (market analysis, IPR, exploitation plan…) of the project results. Moreover it has a technical role regarding the sustainability (LEED, BREEAM…), construction details design using BIM, structural health monitoring and data analysis along with the support of the Italian Pilot site in cooperation with De Cinque Linear House s.n.c..