Project Manager:
Sander Smit
Business Model Expert
DR-BOB aims to demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of demand response in blocks of buildings, therefore helping with the inefficient utilization of intermittent generation plants to match electricity demand. Blocks of buildings offer more flexibility in the timing of energy use, local energy generation and energy storage, but a lack of suitable products and technologies make this problematic. DR BOB is developing tools to: manage the request coming from the TSO; define optimization strategies to answer to the above requests; communicate information to the facility managers and engage occupants. The technologies will be tested at: Teesside University campus in Middlesbrough in the UK; A business and technology park in Anglet in France; A hospital complex in Brescia in Italy; The campus of the Technical University of Cluj Napoca in Romania.
The diffusion of renewable, distributed and fluctuating energy sources is causing imbalances and stress on the electrical distribution grid. TSO and BRP are struggling to find alternative ways to ensure grid optimal operation other than relying on inefficient and costly backup power plants. DR BOB is developing and demonstrating a set of unique tools capable of: supporting aggregators interacting with building owners; identifying the appropriate strategy to operate multiple assets; engage building users and occupants. These tools will facilitate Demand Response services therefore enlarging the building pool that aggregators could rely on to offer flexibility to TSOs.

R2M is responsible for Market analysis, Business models and commercialization support for the solutions being developed. Addittionally, R2M serves at the responsible partner for the Italian pilot, namely the hospital Fondazione Poliambulanza in Brescia.