Unlocking DR Potential

Project Manager:
Tatiana Loureiro
Managing partner, spanish branch
DRIvE: Demand Response Integration tEchnologies, links together cutting-edge science in Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), forecasting and cyber security with emerging innovative SMEs making first market penetration in EU DR markets. In doing so, near market solutions are strengthened with lower TRL, higher risk functionalities that support a vision of an “internet of energy” and “collaborative energy network.” From the research side, MAS will move closer to real time operations and progress from a limited number of assets toward decentralized management of a larger number of assets providing DR services to prosumers, grid stakeholders and DSOs.
This project has received funding from EU H2020 programme under GA nº 774431
DRIvE will deliver a fully-integrated, interoperable and secure DR Management Platform for Aggregators with advanced hybrid forecasting, optimization, fast-response capabilities and enhanced user participation components in a standard-compliant (Open ADR) market-regulated (USEF) manner, empowering a true cost-effective mass-market (100’s millions of heterogeneous assets).
DRIvE will aim to make available average 20% of load in residential and tertiary buildings for use in DR, resulting in up to 30% cost-saving (price-based DR) and also maximizing revenue for prosumers (incentive-based DR). DRIvE will also aim at a minimum 25% increase of renewable hosting capacity (distribution grid) and up to 30% of overall reduction of CAPEX and OPEX costs for DSOs,
Direct engagement of 100 households and 2 tertiary buildings (over 1,000 persons) is attained and replication to over 75,000 persons is possible.

WP8 leader “Results Dissemination and Exploitation”. We will be very active in the project, participating in diverse activities including analysis of the EU regulatory framework for demand response, supporting the identification and integration of user needs, developing and implementing different business models for demand response in the pilot sites, contribute to platform validation and overall techno-economical assessment of DRIvE solutions.