Project Manager:
Lorenzo Elia
Innovation Division, Engineering Services
Hephaestus project focus to give novel solutions to one of the most important parts of the construction sector which is the part related to the facades and the works that need to be done when this part of a building is built or need maintenance. Hephaestus project proposes a new automatized way to install these products providing at the end a whole solution not only highly industrialized in production but also in installation and maintenance.
The HEPHAESTUS project explores the innovative use of robots and autonomous systems in construction, a field where the incidence of such technologies is minor to non-existent. The project aims to increase market readiness and acceptance of key developments in cable robots and curtain walls. Over the project lifetime it shall produce fundamental technical validation outside the lab, and deliver significant results such as:
  • A prototype cable robot, designed to build, repair and maintain a building façade
  • A prototype building and curtain wall system, suitable for robot assembly
  • A business plan for widespread commercial adoption.

R2M Solution is the exploitation and dissemination manager of the project. R2M coordinates the project activities that will pave the way for market uptake: exploitation, dissemination, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues.

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