Project Manager:
Fabrizio Perrotta
Project Manager / Innovation Consultant

The cooling demand is growing worldwide with a wider variety of use, including industry. The objective of HYCOOL is to minimize emissions of gases with high Global Warming Potential into the atmosphere (CO2, SO2 and NOx) by maximizing exploitation of renewable energy systems in industrial refrigeration. HyCool will use the latest available developments in both Concentrating Solar Collectors and Thermal Storage fields to develop two innovative, highly efficient Hybrid Solar System concepts for heating and cooling generation: one for chemical industrial processes, and one for small food industry.
Strengths of HYCOOL:

  • Flexibility of application in the context of fluctuating supply/demand profiles
  • Approach: Simulation, demonstration and monitoring in two industrial environments
  • Work out business models for rapid market uptake
Solar cooling and refrigeration has great potential world wide, as it is one of the few market-ready technological solutions for delivering renewable cold energy. R2M is well-known for its activities related to energy efficiency of buildings, but has lots of experience as well in the industrial sector. HyCool technology is supposed to have a great potential in increasing efficiency of procsess cooling in industry, thus being a great solution to be offered to those industrial clients who have process cooling needs. In pilot activities prove HyCool’s energy saving potential, R2M will be highly interested in promoting this technology in Italy, France, Spain and the UK. 

Within HyCool, R2M is responsible for Exploitation, Standardization and Training activities. R2M will constantly watch the market around HyCool technologies, looking for events, magazine, similar projects and competitors and other stakeholders. It will furthermore identify exploitable results and build suitable business models around them. IPR protection measures and a plan for exploitation and dissemination will also be developed. Finally, R2M will be reponsible for a social impact assessment of HyCool technology. As one of the leading partners of HyCool, R2M is also responsible for reviewing all deliverables realised within the project.