Project Manager:
Energy Services & Sustainability
INNOQUA is a Horizon 2020 EU-funded project involving 20 partners that seeks to demonstrate in real conditions a modular system for water treatment based on the purifying capacity of biological microorganisms (earthworms, zooplankton and microalgae). The configuration of the system will be adjusted according to the targeted markets in order to answer the most possible market needs. The final objective of the project is to provide an ecological water sanitation system for rural areas and communities, for industries with specific characteristics, for sustainable home-builders and for developing countries worldwide.
In Europe there are still significant non-addressed water concerns, 91.4% of EU settlements have less than 2000 inhabitants, making up 20% of the total population of the EU, a large proportion of these communities still fall short of the standards in terms of wastewater purification and sanitation. In order to be able to offer a solution that is of practical benefit to rural areas both in the developed world and countries, and regions that face serious economic constraints, it is necessary to guarantee the elimination and adequate treatment of wastewater with minimum implementation costs and affordable service costs and in a socially acceptable manner. Decentralized, small-scale systems and non-conventional purification technologies such as those presented in INNOQUA offer a solution to the problem. The project will perform commercial scale deployment both in several European and non-European countries (France, Ireland, Romania, Italy, Scotland, Turkey, Peru, Ecuador, India and Tanzania).

The INNOQUA project will benefit the R2M expertise on service design, business model design, business ecosystem design and the management of collaborative innovation projects. Moreover R2M will help in the project in dissemination and exploitation activities. R2M objective is to improve the business impact of the INNOQUA decentralized wastewater treatment system.