Project Manager:

Massimiliano Raciti
ICT & Automation

MARE – Expert Information System for Sustainable Fisheries In collaboration with CNR (ISTC and ISMAR), R2M has been contracted by the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) for the deployment and maintenance of the single information system for commercial designations for fishery and aquaculture products earlier developed as prototype in the MARE Tender.
The motivation is the need to ensure sustainable fishing practices across Europe. The challenge is recording catch information across different languages, species of fish, locations, and fishing practices. Part of the solution is innovative semantic based datamining approaches and the development of an integrated information system.

Following the development of the prototype system (available at LINK), DG MARE successfully approved the results, confirmed and funded the development and maintenance of the final system of permanent availability.

R2M, as ICT partner, contributed to the development of the information system, its integration and deployment on the EU ICT infrastructure.