Project Manager:
Juan Manuel Espeche
Innovation Division, Renewable Energy and Smart Grids
The objective of PVSITES project is to drive BIPV technology to a large market deployment by demonstrating an ambitious portfolio of building-integrated solar technologies and systems, giving a forceful, reliable answer to the market requirements identified by the industrial members of the consortium in their day-to-day activity. High impact demonstration and dissemination actions will be accomplished in terms of cost-effective renewable generation, reduction of energy demands and smart energy management.
Building Integrated Photovolitacs (BIPV) are being incorporated into sustainable buildings more and more with prediction for a sustained growth. However, forecast have been consistently overestimated due to a variety of reasons, including costs, technical performance, aesthetics to name a few. These aspects as well as supporting elements such as hardware (inverter, batteries) and tools (BIPV embedded BIM, BEMS to maximize the use of on-site generated electricity) are being developed and demonstrated in a range of building types.

R2M main role is to define the business cases that support the integration of BIPV into construction, therefore supporting the commercialization of the solutions developed. Additionally, R2M focuses on development of electric load flexibility management strategies to optimize the interaction between the building and grid; lastly, R2M is assessing the impact of the solutions installed at the pilots by monitoring the performance and reducing the performance gap.