Renewable Energy for self-sustAinable island CommuniTies


Project Manager:
Giulia Carbonari
EU Project Manager

Geographical islands are highly dependent on the mainland energy market and the transmission of energy is often costly and inefficient. If islands are not grid connected they are highly dependent on fossil fuels whilst if grid connection exists between islands and the mainland, the islands are highly dependent on the energy import. In addition, many islands have significant population fluctuations between tourist and non-tourist season resulting in highly variable energy load profiles.

REACT aims to achieve island energy independence through maximal exploitation of RES potential and its optimal utilization by coupling RES technologies available with innovative energy storage technologies, know-how and ICT.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 824395

REACT will deliver a scalable and adaptable cloud-based ICT platform for planning and management of RES and storage enabled infrastructures supporting a holistic cooperative energy management strategy at the community level in geographical islands. The project will focus at community level and make synergies between different networks and integration with local micro-grids into the energy system by:

  • optimization of multi-carrier (electricity, gas, transport) energy dispatching
  • holistic cooperative demand response strategy (automated and manual)
  • integration and testing with innovative energy storage technologies
  • synergy of different energy grids in islands
  • deployment of advanced decision support tools
  • season independent community engagement.

The solutions identified will be piloted on three demo islands with different market context and climate – La Graciosa (ES), San Pietro (IT) and Aran Islands (IE) to validate technical and commercial viability which will be followed for scale-up and large-scale replication by Gotlan Island (SE), Lesvos (EL) Isle of Wight (UK), Mallorca (ES) and Reunion Island (FR). REACT will bring energy savings, carbon emission and energy cost reduction, tangible benefits to grid operators and energy providers and to final consumers and island communities whilst providing a replicable solution through effective and innovative business models, by making the synergy of grid-and community-centric approaches fully compliant with contemporary regulatory and legal aspects, applying suitable data security and protection measures.

R2M Solution, R2M Spain and R2M Energy are responsible for creating a wide awareness about the REACT technology and services, deliver a significant amount of public value and identify the appropriate market approaches for the REACT exploitable results. R2M will act as exploitation leader and pilot site coordinator,  contribute in terms of IPR management, market analysis and coordination within the BRIDGE initiative.