The Retrofitting Market Activation Platform based on the generation of standard modules for energy efficiency and clean energy solutions

Project Manager:
Augusta Severino Clérisse
Design Thinker /Business Developer, French Branch

Re-MODULEES, the Retrofitting Market Activation Platform based on the generation of standard modules for energy efficiency and clean energy solutions, is an H2020 project. ReModulees path is towards highly energy efficient and decarbonised buildings. The starting date was 1 November 2020 and it will end on 31 October 2023. Remodulees overall budget is € 2 099 518,75

The mission of the re-MODULEES project is the creation of the EU-wide retrofit market activation framework. A wealth of solutions has been developed in many European projects on technical solutions, innovative business models and financing schemes for renovation practices in EU, generally supporting holistic people-centred solutions. Main goal of re-MODULEES is to come up with market uptake strategies to capitalize the results developed in EU-funded projects on deep renovation over the last 5 years.

Re-MODULEES aims to achieve 5 main objectives:

  1. To make deep renovations easier, faster and more attractive for stakeholders by fostering market uptake and giving access to key results of relevant European projects
  2. To nudge relevant stakeholders to renovation by fostering holistic consumer-centred business models and decision tools, supported by evidence-based performances
  3. To facilitate decision making on deep renovation by tackling demand and supply sided social, financial and legal barriers
  4. To foster the implementation of the re-MODULEES actions in seven demonstration pilot markets
  5. To roll out the re-MODULEES concept on a European level, supported by a go-to-market exploitation at MS-level

R2M solution is contributor on tasks and responsible for delivering the French LAB (Local Advisory Board) Activation.

Our focus will be to use Design Thinking and Storytelling techniques in order to:

ATTRACT: Re-MODULEES and its related actions will provide ways to attract people by providing a ‘free-of-charge’ first level of advice and guidance

UNDERSTAND (empathize) and ACT:
We are using Design Thinking (a human centred methodology (Stanford as a strategy and, with our very own approach called “Citizen Centred Design”, in order to promote quality network, make connection between people, interact and make our virtual activities feel as close as possible to people, such as:
-Creation of LABs (local advisory boards);
-Promote stakeholder engagement;
-Promote Stakeholders interaction;
-Empathize with people at local level through one-to-one meetings and interviews;
-Organization of transnational meetings and Roadshows.

By using this approach, we are able to listen to our audience needs since the beginning and focus to deliver an inspiring, simple to understand and ready to use & share deliverable.