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Project Manager:
Eva Coscia
Innovation Division Manager

TABEDE is a 3 years project funded by the European Commission that aims to allow all buildings equipped with Energy Management Systems to integrate energy grid demand response schemes, independently of communication standards. TABEDE targets existing and new building management systems (BMS), the micro-processor based networks for monitoring and control of building mechanical and electrical equipment and services such as air conditioning, ventilation and security systems.
TABEDE will pave the way to a new generation of Building Management Systems (BMS) to maximise the adoption of demand-response schemes. The proposed solution will allow the building manager to lower energy cost without affecting occupant comfort. On the other hand, the energy provider will be able to take advantage of the building flexibility to maximize the usage of renewable energy and ensure power quality.

R2M is responsible for the dissemination and exploitation activities of the project. R2M it is also strongly involved in the economic assessment of the solution and the business model developing.