Project Manager:
Thomas Messervey
Founder, CEO

Lithography based Additive Manufacturing technologies (L-AMT) are capable of fabricating parts with excellent surface quality, good feature resolution and high precision. ToMax is a European project (Horizon 2020, Factories of the Future) which aims at developing integrated lithography-based Additive Manufacturing systems for the fabrication of ceramic parts with high shape complexity.

Additive Manufacturing is a disruptive technology that is revolutionizing how we make objects (parts) and how we think about design. The machines that are used for additive manufacturing are becoming faster, more precise, and less expensive. The materials that can be processed by these machines are becoming greater and the material properties for these materials higher performance. In short, it is becoming more the case that AM can produce parts of equivalent quality of traditional manufacturing processes and in many cases AM can produce parts not possible by traditional manufacturing processes.
ToMax brings together a complete AM value chain that spans AM equipment, software, design processes, material types and novel applications for Lithography-Based AM. A new type of L-AMT system is realized and first ever AM materials are produced focused on new ceramics (alumina, cermet and sialon) and polymer suspensions. Other ground breaking concepts include wash away supports structures that are realized to improve resource efficiency by eliminating waste and the first time use of LED as the light engine to increase energy efficiency. The project has deep scientific excellence but also increases dramatically the potential competitiveness of its industrial partners LITHOZ, Syalons, Rauschert and OSRAM.

R2M serves as the Innovation Manager and leads the work package concerning exploitation and dissemination. R2M also contributes to computational modeling, Life Cycle Assessment and the development of new and novel applications. In this project, R2M is especially proud to have co-founded its first startup in collaboration with partner UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid). This new company is called thinkAM (Think Additive Manufacturing) and is focused on providing services that bring project knowledge to the market.