Eneko Olabarrieta Goikoetxea

Machine Learning and Optimization Systems Engineers, R&D
Eneko holds a BSc in mechanical engineering from the University of The Basque Country (EHU-UPV), a combined MSc in Aeronautics from the Politecnic University of Madrid / EHU-UPV and a MSc in Operations Research from the National University of Spain (UNED). He was part of Rolls Royce R&D team at ITP and his research was foucused on the minimization of vibrational effects on jet engines. Afterwards, he joined the mechanical engineering team at TEKNIKER, a Basque research and development center. The first three years, his activity involved serveral fields like vibration analysis, structural design and optimization and rotordynamics. Then, as a senior researcher, he specialized in the fields of mechanical operations research and numerical methods and algorithms for dynamic problem solving. He also worked as Key Account Manager of companies related to heavy duty drivelines and agricultural innovations technologies.

Main area of activity in R2M:

Innovation Products, HESTIA project , NEON project, Project Management

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