Cristina Barbero

Senior Consultant of Energy Policy
Cristina can count on more than 25 years of experience in energy policy, sustainability, cleantech and business. For 8 years she has been the Director of the Energy and Environment Agency of Turin (Italy), where she leads the set-up and implementation of several European projects and multiple city-level initiatives related to energy and sustainability. Moreover, as Director, she promoted two important initiatives: 1) the Energy Annex to the Building Regulations, adopted by the City of Turin, one of the first Italian cities to adopt a specific Energy Annex, in line with European Regulations; 2) the Renewable Energy Insurance Package, including ensuring the Energy Performance of photovoltaic systems, in collaboration with some of the most important banking and insurance groups in Italy. Cristina has also experience in the private sector: from small companies to multinationals, serving both as consultant and entrepreneur. Within her business, she has managed to install more than 200 domestic photovoltaic systems for residential use, with a total installed capacity of +1 MW. Expert in renewable energies and energy policy, for the Italian and Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) market, Cristina has consulted and worked in UK and Switzerland ranging from European projects to cleantech and energy ones. In her life, she has also worked as a senior journalist for Sun&Wind Energy Magazine of the German Gundlach Group, covering the EMEA area for renewable energy and policy. Cristina hold a Master’s degree in Development Management. She is passionate about mentorship, a role she played at the Open University (London, UK) after her Master’s degree as well as delivering new value propositions to raise public awareness between energy and sustainability issues and business opportunities.

Main area of activity in R2M:

Cristina carries out support and development activities for REACT, NESOI and SuperHeero projects and is in charge of exploring and opening new strategic business scenarios in the field of cleantech and innovation.

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