Holistic Space Management Platform

With Spaceti, you can effortlessly create a hybrid, flexible, and sustainable built environment that adapts to your evolving needs

An all-in-one solution

A platform that gathers all your
data in one place to manage your
building and its occupancy
consolidates all your data into a single interface for efficient management of your building and its occupancy.

Improve efficiency

With Spaceti, you can make datadriven decisions for your spaces and enhance the efficiency of your buildings.

Tailored made services

Partnering with Spaceti allows you to turn your vision of a Smart Building into reality through software and devices.

All-in-one platform. Discover Spaceti


Enhance the employee experience and enable managers to foster a new way of work that promotes creativity, productivity, and work-life balance.

Reserve your Spot

Book your desk, meeting room, and parking space with just one click using Spaceti.

Navigate the interactive maps

Locate your desk and parking space effortlessly through interactive maps on both the app and desktop with Spaceti.

Check in with a QR Code

Easily check into a meeting room or phone booth by scanning a QR code or simply clicking on a link.

Secure your belonging with digital locker

Effortlessly manage lockers using digital keys within the app.

Get the internal news

Access all the information you need with just one click: newsfeed, menus, events, and facility updates.

Key features

Our key features are tailored to address the evolving needs of modern businesses and empower organizations to achieve their goals with greater efficiency and productivity.

Access the building with mobiles

Ensure the safety of your building by enabling digital access restricted to your employees only.

Check the real-time presence

Monitor real-time occupancy of your building and streamline employee check-in with Spaceti.

Workstation analytics dan data-driven decisions

Make data-driven decisions to rationalize and enhance the efficiency of your spaces, resulting in cost savings.

Digitalized your guest

Welcome your guests with a digital reception and stay informed with notifications upon their arrival.

IoT Universe

Smart sensors

Integrate information on air quality, humidity, and workspace usage efficiency into your spaces. Enhance data to make better operational decisions and create a powerful workplace.

Smart Lockers

Spaceti has partnered with leading lock providers to guarantee a truly smart and connected experience.

Integrate Spaceti with third-party integrations

Our APIs and integrations simplify the connection with existing building management, parking management, elevator dispatch, and access control systems.

Spaceti software to manage your experience

Workplace experience app

Space management platform

Meeting Room Tablet App

Visitor Management App

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