Coding and Robotics

How we can help you

Robots are useful now. So many people can benefit in so many ways. They just need a little help in taking the first step. It is time to move beyond basic robotics research and development on to data fusion, artificial intelligence, and the integration of robotics with all the information in the world around us.

We can develop robotics applications and behaviours, integrate robots with different technologies (sensors, IoT, web services), perform applied research on Robotics and co-design human-robot interaction solutions.

What are the technologies we use to change the service landscape?

We have partnered with Zora Robotics to bring Zorabots into Italy.

Zora has developed the world leading operating system and user interface on top of Softbank’s Nao and Pepper platforms. More than 20,000 people use the more than 70 applications to make their robots useful and fun.  With Zora, you don’t need an ICT department and you don’t need to be a robotics expert. It is like having Windows (or other operating system) installed on a PC. Without it – the PC can be hard to use for non-computer experts. With it, you can use the PC to change the world.

R2M collaborates with the laboratory of Human-Robot Interaction at the University of Cagliari ( in the research and development activities dedicated to the understanding, designing, and evaluating of several robotic platforms which employ different research technologies (e.g. Sentiment Analysis, Semantic Web, Deep Learning, Big Data, Sensors, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing) when interacting with humans

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