AgriPV system with climate, water and light spectrum control for safe, healthier and improved crops production

PV4Plants aims to revolutionize the agrivoltaic sector by integrating photovoltaic (PV) systems with agricultural practices to help achieve the European Union’s ambitious targets for renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. By advancing agrivoltaics, PV4Plants will enhance energy efficiency, optimize land use, and foster a symbiotic relationship between energy production and food cultivation, thereby increasing the renewable energy yield from agricultural lands. PV4plants will deploy advanced PV technologies to maximise energy production while simulatenously developing innovative agrivoltaic systems that support and enhance crop growth. This dual focus will not only boost renewable energy output but also improve agricultural productivity, aligning with the EU’s climate and energy targets for 2030 by increasing the share of renewable energy and reducing CO2 emissions. The project will create digital twins of the agrivoltaic systems for holistic monitoring and optimization, ensuring best practices are adopted across different agricultural contexts. A robust engagement plan will involve farmers, researchers, policymakers, and energy providers to ensure broad support and successful implementation. PV4Plants will establish pilot sites across multiple EU countries to test and refine agrivoltaic systems under various climatic and agricultural conditions. These pilot studies will provide critical data and insights to enhance the technology and its integration with different crops and farming techniques. The project will also focus on research and development to improve PV technologies and their integration with agricultural systems.

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