Juan Manuel Espeche

Innovation Division, Renewable Energy and Smart Grids
Juan Manuel Espeche holds a MSc degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from Polytechnic of Turin, Turin, Italy and a MSc degree in Renewable Energy coordinated by the Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres (EUREC). He has a specialization in Grid Integration and Distributed Generation from the University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain. During the specialization he has worked on Smart Grids, Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency. In July-December 2015 he has worked as a researcher in the Energy Department of the Polytechnic of Turin, with a research topic of the Power Quality (PQ) of Building Integrated Photovoltaic systems (BIPV) connected to the distribution network. Juan has also worked during 2013/2014 as a Telecommunication Engineer in Telecom Italia Laboratories, performing test and validation of the new generation of Telecom Access Gateway (AG). His major skills are to design solutions and provide consulting of Renewable Energy, Smart Grids, Energy Efficiency and Telecommunications.

Main area of activity in R2M:

Juan is the R2M Energy Team Leader. He works on H2020 Energy research projects, providing sustainability consulting solutions to industry and in the formation of new proposals and sustainability ideas. Juan is the project manager of PENTAGON project and he is involved in PVSites, DR-BOB and Mas2tering. Juan is also involved in the energy audit team and PV systems development.