Iván Aranda

Senior Project Manager
On the basis of working in a context of permanent ongoing public-private interaction, Iván combines a strong technical background (MSc in Chemistry and MSc in Materials Engineering) with broad international experience in R&D, project planning and management. He spent five years (2005-2009) living in Scotland, working in applied research on energy storage (developing redox flow battery prototypes, based on Zn/Ce technology). From 2009 to 2014 Iván moved to Bolivia for working on the project for the industrialization of the evaporitic (lithium) resources of the Salar of Uyuni (Bolivia), developed by the Bolivian company Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos (YLB). His role in the project, among others, was to coordinate all implementation stages, from design to operation, of a lithium-ion battery plant (with production capacity ~2MWh/year). The plant was inaugurated in 2014 and currently produces storage systems for rural electrification, coupled to solar panels. Since 2014, he has been focused on supporting innovation projects for European companies as well as public bodies (universities, research centers, local & national governments) within the energy sector. By sharing industry expertise as well as technical and commercial insight, he is contributing building up a strategic vision and the roadmap for the firm´s business development, as well as other stakholder’s innovation deployment. In a lesser extent, he is involved in several working groups in South America (Argentina and Bolivia) discussing on the lithium energy storage industry prospective.

Main area of activity in R2M:

Iván works on H2020 energy research and innovation projects, providing consulting services to industrial and institutional stakeholder´s. He also participates preparing proposal for new project deployment. In the business development side, Ivan is collaborating on the identification and implementation of new business lines for R2M growth and sustainability. At the moment, he is involved in several Europa projects (REACT, Heat to Fuel, Drive).