Intelligent Communities Lifecycle

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R2M Solution is the official reseller of IES in Italy and Spain

The study of urban energy consumption is crucial to target the climate changes challenge and access sustainable and livable cities. Indeed, urban areas offer a large potential for energy efficiency improvement and greenhouse gases mitigation. Therefore, tools to analyse and simulate the city “as a whole” are becoming more and more important to manage the use energy of the built environment in a sustainable way and to minimise harmful emissions.

The IES Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) is a Digital Twin of your community, it is the suite that best supports experts around the world to help create, plan, evaluate and manage the performance of a community, now and into the future. The ICL creates dynamic 3D models that reflect real life performance, delivering resilience, cost savings and resource-efficiency for buildings, campuses, communities and cities.

As reference for IES in Italy, thanks also to the activity developed in the Sustainability services, R2M solution offers:


    Strong from the experience gathered with the IES simulation modelling, R2M offers a wide range of consultancy services, from the support on the energy modelling of building and districts, the analysis of buildings demand profiles and city smart grids, to the operational Energy Efficiency Management. For more information about our Smart Grid Services, click here.

    Training helps professionals approaching IES ICL different tools. We can help you crating digital twin simulations, simulating different scenarios, from the building scale to the urban scale, creating energy networks, attributing thermophysical information to building or organizing data on the cloud. R2M organizes tailored training courses on IES ICL. Contact us for more information!


    As Italian exclusive resellers, R2M is always connected to all its clients, managing the licenses, technical offers and being always the reference for any local request or support.

IES ICL is made of 4 different tools:

  • iCD
  • VE
  • iSCAN
  • iVN

Those tools are then connected by The ICL Collaboration Cloud, to bring your projects to life through data visualisation across a Community (iCIM) or a Portfolio (iPIM).

  1. Intelligent Community Design (iCD) – for masterplanning and urban design

    iCD is a 3D master planning tool for urban designers and town planners. Whether it’s a new or existing development the model can analyse and monitor how the community may evolve over time. Track the impact of changes on key environmental metrics such as solar/PV potential, walkability from transport hubs, impact on resource consumption and building EUIs.

  2.  Virtual Environment (VE) – for new design and retrofit
    The VE is widely acknowledged as the leading building analytics platform for top architects, engineers and contractors. The energy and carbon reduction capability of the technology has been proven on hundreds of thousands of projects worldwide. Its detailed simulation power connects to any ICL tool to provide analysis insights to your community.

  3. Intelligent Control and Analysis (iSCAN) – for building operation and control

    iSCAN’s power is its ability to centralise a range of time-series data from different BMS systems, utility meters, sensors and portable data loggers in one platform. Organise and analyse this data to gain hidden insights to improve building or portfolio operation. Create bespoke cross-platform alerts, and connect to a 3D virtual twin for real-time optimisation and ‘what if’ testing of improvement options.

  4.  Intelligent Virtual Network (iVN) – for resource analysis and control

    The iVN is a tool to analyse resource networks (electricity, heating, cooling, and waste heat) to support the design of distributed energy networks or micro-grids. Assess existing supply and demand from buildings and other community assets, determine the flexibility required across a network to balance demand, and evaluate ‘what if’ scenarios for intelligent operation.

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