INTERoperable cloud-based solution for cross-vector planning and management of Positive Energy Districts

InterPED aims to enable the concept of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) via sector coupling, cross-vector integration, demand flexibility and consumer engagement, while improving utilisation of local RES, storage and excess/waste heat (E/WH) sources. InterPED will couple RES, storage and E/WH sources (community assets) available in the pilots with the necessary know-how and ICT expertise to ensure improved operation of PEDs and grid robustness. This will allow InterPED’s end users (aggregators, service providers, urban planners) to deliver benefits to both, grid stakeholders (DSO/TSOs) and final consumers (and prosumers). To do so, InterPED will deliver a scalable and adaptable cloud-based platform composed of analytical, modelling and optimisation services for planning, supervision and control of integrated PEDs (including power, heating and cooling, mobility). Optimised PED operations will be demonstrated at pilot sites, while enabling a cooperative demand response (DR) strategy at community/district level. In addition to automated control actions, InterPED intends to engage the consumers via community building (e.g. CECs or RECs), representing a still largely untapped source of flexibility, while enabling them to play an active role in grid balancing. By making it cloud-based and by ensuring system interoperability (both syntactic and semantic), InterPED will enable aggregators and actors positioned to adopt proposed business model (e.g. ESCOs, energy retailers, DSOs) to deploy the InterPED solution immediately almost anywhere, while reducing the cost to its scalability. The key strategy to ensure solutions will work well in an everyday context of consumers, is that InterPED will involve the consumers (community) and service providers in the design of the solutions through participatory co-design processes. InterPED will verify the technical and commercial feasibility of its integrated package in four large-scale pilots, each representing an existing PED.

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