Building Performance Analysis and Modelling

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Building energy modelling is becoming the core activity to target more sustainable, efficient and integrated projects. Indeed, the energy modelling enables to predict buildings’ energy consumption, CO2 emissions, peak demands, energy cost and renewable energy production.  

IES VE is the suite that best supports experts around the world to perform fast, accurate, sub-hourly, thermal simulations modelling new and existing buildings of any size and complexity with the best interoperability with BIM on market. IES VE helps professionals dealing with the most diffused international rating schemes, as LEED, BREEAM and WELL through apposite Navigators integrated in the simulation suite.

R2M Solution is the unique official reseller of IES VE on the Italian territory, through a long-lasting collaboration with the software house. R2M Solution and IES have been collaborating in many R&D H2020 projects.

    Building physics explains how buildings work. It is the study of how heat, air, moisture and light move through a building. All our experts have a sound understanding of building physics. This allows them to design engineering systems which complement the building.Our capabilities include:
    • ventilation studies, using dynamic thermal simulation and CFD
    • daylight calculations, including accurate rendered images of the building
    • heat transfer calculations, for example to optimise thermal stores
    energy modelling, to test strategies and demonstrate compliance

    Training helps professionals approaching building simulation modelling, spreading knowledge and the methodology with IESVE. R2M organizes regularly training courses on IESVE with quality mark of GBC Italia and offering specific training to companies. R2M, thanks to the well-established relation with Politecnico of Milano, provides lessons to the Master Pesenti school on the energy dynamic simulation.

    As Italian exclusive resellers, R2M is always connected to all its clients, managing the licenses, technical offers and being always the reference for any local request or support.

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