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R2M Solution is the official reseller of GREENPASS in Italy

GREENPASS® offers a solution to quantify and measure the effects of green infrastructures on urban areas, enabling the efficient planning of climate resilient livable cities.

While urban growth accelerates worldwi­de, urban areas are getting more and more vulnerable to climate change. Urban Heat Islands (UHI), air pollution and pluvial flooding are major threats to urban neigh­bourhoods and the health and wellbeing of citizens. Urban planning processes have to consi­der future climate, extreme weather con­ditions and their impact on humans, buil­dings and the entire city environment in order to design livable climate resilient cities.

Green Infrastructure (GI) and nature-ba­sed solutions (NBS) can be highly effecti­ve in mitigating the adverse impacts of cli­mate change and enhancing the quality of life in urban areas.

GREENPASS® makes the effects of green infrastructures visible, measurable and comparable, enabling the efficient plan­ning of livable cities by delivering compre­hensive information about a project’s per­formance on: Climate, water, air, biodiversity, energy and cost.

GREENPASS® delivers a free software and a standardized methodology with a fixed set of climate-resilience key performance indicators (KPIs) to optimize your project’s performance.

GREENPASS® is a easy-to-use software that allows CAD and GIS format import and it is powered by ENVI-met®, one of the world’s leader for microclimate simulation of urban areas.


  • Municipal au­thorities – it allows to align urban development with climate adaptation targets.
  • Developers – it allows to com­pare the climate performance of different design options, assess the quality of im­plementation and ensure best return on investments.
  • Planners – it allows to cut down significantly on resources invested for validating concepts and optimizing designs regarding the climate performan­ce of projects.

According to need it can be used in different planning phase of urban development and retrofit solutions.

R2M Solution and GREENPASS® are partner in the Horizon 2020 EU-funded project “Nature4cities”, which main goal is create a comprehensive reference Platform for Nature Based Solutions (NBS).

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