the certification for the digital connectivity in Real Estate buildings

Buildings must ensure quality in internet connectivity, adequate availability of telecommunications services and networks, and the ability to implement emerging and increasingly important digital functions.

In this context, the WiredScore certification operates: it represents an innovative international protocol for digital connectivity in buildings in the Real Estate sector, with which more than 2,000 properties, office buildings and tertiary buildings have been certified in 160 cities around the world.

There are many examples of the needs of connectivity and digital services that we meet daily in offices and tertiary buildings, such as workplaces, meetings and leisure spaces: for example, the increasingly widespread use of computer services, servers, software, file storage tools, with large amounts of services cloud-based, which are accessed exclusively through an internet connection that must be adequate, stable and fast; the need to organise teleconferences and webinars with members of companies’ staff, customers, or for public on-line events; the need to be connected to access the vast opportunities of the web from a working and leisure point of view. All of this makes it crucial that a building has adequate features to ensure stable, scalable internet and network services that can be updated, that they are safe in the event of power outages and drops in voltage, flooding and other unexpected events.

WiredScore is a certification scheme that fully considers a multiplicity of criteria to ensure quality in digital services and connectivity of buildings; it features four certification levels, the basic one, Silver, Gold, Platinum, which are based on a complete score and rating scheme.

It has been recognized that obtaining certification is a distinctive element for the owners of buildings in order to capture the interest of reliable and relevant tenants. A study presented in the EG London Investor Guide 2019 shows that the buildings that have been awarded the WiredScore certification are more attractive, allowing an average increase in rent fees of 5 % and up to 15 % with higher earnings from the owners.

All these are very important needs: R2M Solution with its accredited staff offers consulting and support services for obtaining WiredScore certification

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