Marco Pietrobon

Project Manager – Researcher, Sustainability Engineer
Marco Pietrobon is a building engineer and he is working since 2008 as researcher and consultant in the field of low energy and high performance and sustainable buildings. He built experience during ten years of work in the eERG Group – end-use Efficiency Research Group in Politecnico di Milano, as project manager of european projects for technical research and development, for awareness rising and training, for energy policy support in the field of nearly-zero energy buildings – nZEB and passive houses, of indoor comfort conditions for buildings users, for technical solutions to improve energy efficiency level of buildings envelopes and systems. He worked on field for measuring and monitoring of energy and comfort conditions in buildings and for buildings systems controls. He performed dynamic energy simulation campaign for buildings and systems. He supported the design of zero energy buildings and passive houses, in residential, schools and tertiary sector. Marco has been involved in research tasks in the framework of the IEA – International Energy Agency, particularly in the programme “IEA-EBC Annex 58: Reliable building energy performance characterisation based on full scale dynamic measurements” and “IEA EBC Annex 62 Ventilative Cooling”. In the framework of some EU programme, he gave technical support to municipalities and other public administration, to implement interventions in the building sector. Previously, Marco also worked as designers of heating, cooling and ventilation systems, in a construction company active in field of prefabricated wooden components and environmentally sustainable buildings.

Main area of activity in R2M:

– Project management and research contribution in the framework of european funding programmes. – Buildings and systems monitoring and control, for measuring energy performance and occupants comfort conditions; BMS – building management systems implementation. – Application on field of tools and instruments to ensure buildings and components performance.

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