Giusiana Polizzano

BIM Coordinator | Innovative Products
Giusiana earned her Master’s degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic School of Palermo in 2017. After collaborating with architectural design firms both in Sicily and, subsequently, in Milan, she decided to enhance her professional profile by integrating the skills of one of the most sought-after figures in the industry: the BIM Specialist. Thus, in 2018, she attended the Master’s program at the AM4 Training Center (Volcano High). Since then, she has held transdisciplinary BIM operational roles (civil, MEP), coordinating teams of modelers and dedicating herself to the implementation of standards documents, geometric and informational modeling procedures, planning, and project documentation. This experience has strengthened her skills to the point where she obtained certification as a BIM Coordinator with Cepas in 2024. In recent years, Giusiana has focused on BIM MEP design. In her latest work experience, she has been involved in R&D BIM projects for the implementation of Digital Twin for Asset Management & Real Estate, collaborating on the development of use cases for the implementation and integration of digital infrastructures and systems aimed at energy efficiency, automation, and maintenance. This role has given her the opportunity to interact daily with various companies and designers involved in the project as technology partners.

Main area of activity in R2M:

At R2M Solution, Giusiana is the BIM Coordinator within the Innovative Products division. Her work focuses on Scan To BIM processes and methodologies, which involve developing models of existing structures using the “Building Information Modeling” methodology. By utilizing advanced surveying technologies such as 3D laser scanning, point clouds and 3D meshes are obtained and used to digitally reconstruct the as-is condition, preserving all reusable features for future developments.

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