Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning

HARP accompanies the consumer decision process in the heating appliances market by providing an impartial message, based on the energy label, and presenting the market solutions that respond to the consumer’s heating needs. The label promoted by HARP provided a quantified approach for understanding the economic and non-economic benefits bridging the gap with the market providers and available national incentives. HARP is promoted by key knowledgeable partners in the fields of consumer behaviour, energy efficiency, heating solutions and business models, working directly with the consumer, or indirectly via professionals who are critical multiplying agents. Promoting dynamic efficient heating communities, where all the agents, from the supply to the demand side are committed to an efficient heating market, supporting the consumer to make smarter choices. This allows HARP to build a solid concept that will succeed in the participating countries and within the EU reach. Try HARPa, the app that tells you how efficient is your heating system (click on the “APP” red button below)