Luis Febres

Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project Manager
Luis is a mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in Thermal and Electrical facilities and Energy Efficiency in Buildings. His professional career accumulates more than ten years of experience in various sectors related to construction and energy efficiency, managing large projects of over 20 million euros. Luis has accumulated a strong experience in the industrial and construction sectors, both inside and outside of Spain, which provides him with a global vision and great versatility. He also has strong experience in environmental matters, having participated in projects to treat areas affected by oil spills as well as the biotreatment of hydrocarbon residues. Luis has worked for 3 years at Bovis Project Management managing projects in the construction and facilities sector in hotels, homes and office buildings. At R2M Luis is a project manager in energy efficiency and is in charge of developing projects in the energy services sector incorporating innovative products from European projects. Likewise, Luis participates in the innovation department in the European projects of the H2020 ENSNARE on the subject of energy efficiency in the building envelope and ECO-QUBE on the subject of energy efficiency in “Data Centers”.

Main area of activity in R2M:

Innovation Products ENSNARE Project ECO-QUBE Project