Fayaz Ahmed

EU research project manager and Energy consultant
Fayaz holds a double degree from the EIT-InnoEnergy European M.Sc. Programme in Energy Transition and possesses strong project management skills. His background combines technical knowledge in renewable energies with expertise in technology and innovation management. Before joining R2M Solution, Fayaz worked at Cleanwatts, specializing in renewable energy communities, where he supported research and product development efforts. He led and participated in international research projects exploring renewable energy technologies and new business models in local energy markets, with a core expertise in Local Energy Market (LEM) optimization, aggregation, and control. Fayaz brings valuable experience to the project management team in R2M as well as engages in Technical Consulting and Business Development activities related to the implementation of renewable energy communities on the Italian market.

Main area of activity in R2M:

In R2M, Fayaz will collaborate with innovation division and provide support in three EU projects namely ‘MASTERPIECE’, ‘NEON’ and ‘HYCOOL-IT’.

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