Carlotta Cocco

Key Account Manager – Sustainability Division
Carlotta has over 20 years of experience in building certifications in Italy. Her qualifications include LEED AP, LEED ID+C, GBC Home A.P. and ARCA Designer in Sustainable Buildings. She is active and a long term proponent of GBC Italia and currently serves as Secretary of Chapter Trentino. Within GBC Italia, she is also a member of the training network and was one of the leading proponents in the developing the GBC Historic Buildings protocol which brings a framework to establish and assess sustainability across an important class of structures common to Italy and other parts of the world. Carlotta has been (and continues to be) a speaker, lecturer, teacher, business owner and proponent of sustainability and innovative products.

Main area of activity in R2M:

At R2M, Carlotta serves as a key account manager. In this capacity, she works with decision makers in the building and real estate value chains to make decisions related to sustainability and certifications. She is also expert in CAM and often helps organizations develop responses to meet those requirements. Carlotta also serves an important role with respect to internal training and mentorship of R2M Staff – ensuring everyone on the team is included and upskilled. Carlotta also contributes to several European Projects (BIM4REN, Nature4Cities and others) where her experience in design, construction and decision making add value.

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