Eva Coscia

Innovation Division Manager
Eva has been EU Research project manager since 2002, Commission consultant on eProcurement in 2007-2009 and then Director of Research and Innovation since 2014. She has an ICT background, and she is passioante about ICT technologies and their potential for innovation in many areas. She acquired expertise in ICT for Industry, Industry 4.0 and Innovation in industry thanks to the participation to several research projects, where she worked in the supervision of development activities and in the dissemination and exploitation of results. She was responsible for the whole lifecycle of reserach activities, from identification of opportunities, to delivery of results and she succesfully managed to transfer know-how and results into commercial offers. She has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Genova. After the studies, she started wiìorking for TXT e-solutions from 2000-20014 as IT and PM for ICT projects. From 2014 to 2019 she has been Director of the Research & Innovation division of Holonix s.r.l.. and she has been involved in research activities touching not only the ICT for industry domain, but also ICT for Energy Efficiency and Open innovation.

Main area of activity in R2M:

Eva oversees the Innovation and Research activities of R2M. She works closely with Project Managers in R2M branches, to identify research opportunities in Energy Efficiency, Building sustainability, aligned with the company strategy and to support the execution of projects. As a key part of these activities, she is supporting the identification of innovation opportunities emerging from projects and the delivery of services by R2M to entities interested in being part of research projects. Being a passionate of ICT-enabled innovation, she is closely supporting R2M ICT team in further developing their competences and acquire new ones following temerging technological trends.

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