Fabrizio Perrotta

Innovation Consultant & Project Manager
Fabrizio has a broad experience in project management, dissemination, and exploitation for EU programmes for local development and research innovation, as well as in proposal preparation and research activities in public policy, media and corporate governance for public institutions and multinational companies. He graduated in Economic Geography and Territorial Processing at the Bologna University and after he successfully completed a master in EU projects at the Salento University and Vistula University. Fabrizio has a strong interest in the economic, social, environmental, and technological aspects of the sustainable development, as well as in digital and social innovation. His activity as consultancy is driven by the impact that each project and technology will have towards a more sustainable society and an increase of the quality of life of the final users.

Main area of activity in R2M:

Fabrizio is part of the Innovation team of R2M and he is involved in Energy Matching and HyCool as project manager, and MeZeroE project as exploitation leader. Furthermore, he is also involved in proposal preparation, innovation consultancies activities, such as project administrator and PPC tool support, and in the dissemination events at company and projects level.

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