Alessandro Turina

Innovative products & sustainability – BIPV Expert – Onyx Solar’s commercial agent in Italy
Alessandro Turina holds an MA in Architecture from Roma Tre University in Rome and from 2002 until 2008 he taught Building Technology Laboratory and specifically “Dry technologies: systems and components” at the Faculty of Architecture of Roma Tre University. He has participated in many international architectural competitions as group leader and in cooperation with different architecture firms. He has worked with many private contractors mainly carrying out the restyling of internal and external structures of residential and receptive buildings, by focusing on energy savings and efficiency of buildings, on mobile screening systems and on the integration of systems for electrical power generation from renewable energy sources, while experimenting and patenting innovative solutions.

Main area of activity in R2M:

Alessandro is part of the Innovative Products and Sustainability divisions. He works on H2020 Energy research projects, providing sustainability consulting solutions to industry and in the development of new BIPV products. Alessandro is also the BIPV Expert and Business Development Manager and the Official distributor in Italy of the Onyx Solar products.

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