Ramiz Qumsieh

In-House Consultant – Energy, BIM & Graphic Design
After Ramiz Qumsieh had claimed a BSc in Civil engineering from Frederick University of Cyprus, he showed interest in renewable energy and pursued his academic path by receiving a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems. Throughout his career experience, he has worked on a couple of funded integrated National and EU projects related to Hydrogen technologies and RES storage and compression, along with contributions to writing research proposals. In addition to his enthusiasm in energy and engineering, he is a self-taught graphic designer with a vast experience in the design software, and can create explicit graphics and visual concepts for online applications and web platforms.

Main area of activity in R2M:

Ramiz is part of the Innovation Division at R2M Solution Italy. He will contribute across R2M projects for technical activities in the domains of renewable energy, energy transition and in connection with BIM generation, Digital twins and more. In addition, Ramiz will provide Graphic design support to help the development of project visual identity and to support company and project communication campaigns.

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