BIO insulation materials for Enhancing the Energy performance of Buildings

“BIO4EEB’s objective is to develop innovative bio-based insulation materials fully compatible with several prefabricated construction/renovation components. These materials will be suitable for different types of buildings in the EU market, regulatory frameworks, precast element manufacturers and end-user needs. Besides, they will be studied and validated to be used together, in a number of configurations. The project scope consists of 5 objectives: 1. Development of affordable, user-centric, building envelop solutions; 2. Development of new environment-friendly, lightweight and cost-effective bio-based insulation materials (Posidonia Bio-based core panel and fibres, Polyelectrolyte complex – PECs – coatings, Modified PLA-based foams, BIO Polyurethane foams for sprayable insulation foam and high-performance windows). This process is paired with the improvement of the insulation performance of multifunctional prefabricated renovation components integrating the new bio-based materials. 3. Demonstration of circularity and adaptability of the BIO4EEB solutions for an easy installation in a real, operational environment and their replicability, thanks to virtual demonstrations. Solutions will be tested and validated on 5 real demo cases and 4 virtual demo cases, distributed in 4 geo-clusters covering different climatology through Europe. 4. Development of a multicriteria and multi-stakeholder platform: it will improve the decision-making process of construction operators for selecting the best energy efficient renovation strategies, while promoting sustainable building stock renovations. 5. Facilitate the development of the BIO4EEB solutions, in synergy with existing relevant Open Innovation Test Beds (OITBs) in EU. Improvement of dissemination and communication around BIO4EEB topics, by clustering with R&D sister projects as well as extending the BIO4EEB outcomes to the construction market of Latin America.”