Personal Health Interfaces Leveraging HUman-MAchine Natural interactionS

The goal of the PhilHumans project is to train a next generation of young researchers in innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and establish user interaction with their personal health devices in an advanced and intuitive way. The project will explore cutting-edge research topics related to AI-supported human-machine interfaces for personal health services. Conversational platforms have reached the next level in terms of understanding language and basic user intent, however currently users still must communicate in a very structured way, which often is a frustrating experience. Spoken dialogue systems will be soon widely available in the home, wearable, and the automotive domain. The availability of conversational interfaces in our environment may lead to a revolution in the home healthcare and health self-management. The conventional means for getting people engaged for change in the health behaviour have been health education and counselling services which does not scale well for wide populations. The first wave of AI solutions based on wearables and apps for feedback have not been shown to be effective for health behaviour change. Counseling is still known to be the most effective intervention to lifestyle diseases. The key element is conversational interaction which drives the learning processes in the client. The automation of the counseling interaction is very challenging but even successful small steps to this direction can have a significant impact on the healthcare system.

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