SocIal ROBOTICS for active and healthy ageing

SI-ROBOTICS (SocIal ROBOTICS for active and healthy ageing) is a project funded at Italian level thanks to the ESF/ERDF, in cooperation with the Italian Ministry for University and Research (MIUR) and the Regional Operative Programme of R&I 2014-2020 (PON 2014-2020). SI-ROBOTICS aims to design and develop ICT assistive robotic technologies, proving the capability of supporting caregivers in the execution of health care services, acting through robotic technologies characterized by socially acceptable behaviors. The scientific objective of the SI-ROBOTICS project is to design and implement easily adaptable technological solutions to help the elderly in daily activities and to assess the progress of their physical and cognitive decline (frailty, dementia, mild cognitive impairment). This allows for the identification of specific challenges for early diagnosis, objective evaluation, therapy control and rehabilitation. Innovative ICT robotics concepts and solutions are introduced, in which users, IoT devices, AI-powered social robots and objects connected to the cloud will collaborate to create a sort of “”cognitive agent”” to anticipate user needs and provide assistance, monitoring and coaching solutions.