Artificial-Intelligence-Augmented Cooling System for Small Data Centres

ECO-Qube will introduce innovative dynamic cooling supported by zonal heat management into a unique system fully interconnected with the building. The system will exploit the big data formed by the monitoring of the CPU utilization, temperature and power consumption of the IT devices to operate the zonal heat management system, which predicts zonal temperature rises. ECO-Qube instantaneously reads the cooling requirements of the data centre, making the data available for the AI supported cooling system and control over the cooling & energy management systems and IT devices in order to obtain the maximum energy efficiency of the whole integrated facility. To obtain this efficient and dynamic management of the facility, ECO-Qube will develop a customized smart energy management system that interfaces with the building’s energy management system. ECO-Qube will demonstrate strategies to achieve a high share of the ICT energy consumption covered by sustainable energy sources: data centres can be greener with successful RES integration.